Sword and Stone by Tony Swatton Blacksmith of Arms & Armor

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Custom Weapons built on video


Capturing the excitement of Blacksmithing

Tony’s skill is often called upon to create excitement in fans and major brands by crafting custom arms and breaking down the process for the community. We have worked with some truly impressive talents to imagine and design fully functioning arms that inspire and delight communities across the world.


Azeroth Armory

Tony worked with Blizzard Entertainment to produce some famous weapons from the “World of Warcraft” story. A Warglaive, Doomhammer, Ashbringer, and Gorehowl were just some of the weapons given life in steel to celebrate the beloved series.


 Man at Arms

Tony worked with the AWE me Youtube channel to produce weapons for Season 1 of the internet sensation “Man at Arms.” You can see a selection of videos from that season below.