Sword and Stone by Tony Swatton Blacksmith of Arms & Armor

Sword and the Stone

Arms and Armor for Film and Television Production

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The Sword and Stone

Sword & Stone is located in the production hub of Burbank, CA. Founded over 25 years ago by master blacksmith, Tony Swatton, Sword & Stone has established itself as the trusted source for handcrafted, historically accurate pieces, custom designed for the needs of creative directors. The shop specializes in custom made arms, armor & props for television, film & the serious collector.

We have also been called upon to bring fantastic and oversized weapons to life from video games, anime, and science fiction. We are a full service blacksmith shop dedicated to forging your ideas in flame and metal.



Master Blacksmith Tony Swatton is a self-educated blacksmith who started making his own armor at the age of 17. Nine years later, he opened his first shop, where he made products for Euro Disney and Michael Jackson. He did his first film work for Hook in 1991.

In over 30 years he has forged pieces for over 300 feature films and some of the largest franchises on the planet.

His work can be seen in many films and TV shows, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Star Trek, Batman, Hellboy, The Last Samurai, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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