Black Anodized 14th Century Style Suit of Armour

Black Anodized Suit of Armour 14th Century Style


This suit fits a person up to 6'4", 250lbs.

Black Anodized Suit of Armour

Pig face Bascinet Helmet with Aventail (collar) of Black Anodized Aluminum Chainmail

Segmented Breast & Back with fluted Tassets (hips) with embossed Fleur de Lys details

Pauldrons (shoulders) with Rondell discs with embossed cross

Arms with Fleur de Lys embossing on Rerebrace (upper arm)

Articulated fingers, gauntlets (gloves) with Fleur de Lys embossing. Gauntlets have attached leather gloves.

 Leg Harness detailed with embossed Fleur de Lys

Fitted Greaves (calves), not shown

Sabatons (foot guard/shoes) with pointed toes

Suit orginally made for John Cleese, "3rd Rock From the Sun".

Availble for rent and purchase.

$500 = One day rental, $1200= three-day rental, $2000 = week rental


Value $15,000

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